Newest Named Tropical Storm 

Posted: 3:28 am Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



Our newest named storm for the 2018 hurricane season is out in the Atlantic and no threat to land. Subtropical Storm Debbie is expected to fall apart soon. in the tropics online





Photo FWC

The red tide that is killing marine life on the west coast of Florida is getting closer to Pinellas County. Volunteers worked to clear the beaches yesterday. But more and more dead fish have seen and most recently manatees and a 26-foot whale shark in Sanibel Island. Florida Fish and Wildlife have waived the usual rules  for the size and type of fish that  can be collected and urge residents to help where they can. Keep track of the tide’s movement here.




File photo

The red tide is also affecting  sea turtle nesting season. The news from the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation isn’t good. A new report from the group is blaming red tide for more dead and sick sea turtles being found on Florida beaches. If you do spot a turtle in distress you can report disoriented or stranded sea turtles to 978-728-3663(978-SAVE-ONE).




Amazon has more than 200 work-at-home job openings to fill. Some of those positions are full-time and come with benefits. For more information and the openings just take a look here.




Colonel photo – Ybor Chickens Society

One of the most famous roosters in Ybor City was found dead and residents say they think “Colonel” was killed. The chicken and roosters population in the area has been declining dramatically over the past few months. There is a $1,000 reward being offered from Florida Voices For Animals.




If you incur overdraft fees as the result of the problems with SunPass the state of Florida is going to reimburse you. There are nearly two million backlogged transactions and yours finally show up on your bank account it could be a lot more than you expected. It may take until September to catch up.




The Board of Directors for the Tampa Sports Authority has designated Raymond James Stadium as totally smoke and tobacco free venue starting in August. There will be designated smoking areas outside the stadium. But once you leave Ray Jay you would not be allowed to re-enter. The first smoke free event will be the Taylor Swift concert August 14th.




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