Teacher’s Aide Charged With Child Abuse 

Posted: 3:19 am Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


A teacher’s aide in Pasco County is accused of abusing a student with autism on a school bus. Derek Simpson is an ESC assistant instructor at Wesley Chapel High School and is now charged with two counts of child abuse after he was seen on videotape holding the child down to the point where he allegedly caused back injuries. The student was in a seat belt harness at the time. Simpson is on paid administrative leave and was booked into the Lane O’ Lakes jail.


A New Zealand minister rode her bicycle to the hospital so she could give birth to her first child.

A sad distinction for Pinellas County, It now ranks at the most dangerous place to ride a bike. A new report from the Wall Street Journal shows Pinellas County with the highest death rate in the Bay area and the nation. State rankings show Florida with the highest per-capita bicyclist death rate in the nation.


The city of Lakeland is trying to get drivers to slow down after seven swans were hit and one person severely injured. Lake Morton Drive has a lot of drivers circling the lake at the busiest time of the day and police think many of those are distracted drivers. They have an online survey to ask residents for their input and ideas to get people to slow down.


Red Tide has cleared up in PInellas county to the point where they are scaling back on cleanup, It’s not completely gone with winds pushing much out of offshore. There is an app for Pinellas County residents to see how things are in the county. Florida Fish and Wildlife will a new map Wednesday.


The Bucs drop to 2-1 after last night’s loss to the Steelers on Monday Night Football, Former Buc’s coach Tony Dungy wwas be honored at halftime, as he was inducted inthe the Ring of Honor. QB Jameis Winston sat out that game, the final of his three-game suspension for allegedly groping an Uber driver. That driver is now suing Winston.


IHurricane Florence: 4 people arrested for break-ins after storm evacuations, sheriff says f you want to make a donation to those affected by Florence, be careful. Give only to organizations you know and trust or directly to the person affected. We have a list of groups that are accepting donations. Blood donations are also need as well as volunteer hours. Some breweries have stopped beer production and are canning water to be distributed to storm victims.